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Rebekah Fraser is an award-winning new media producer and entrepreneur. She also works as a writer, educator, journalist, book editor, scriptwriter, communications consultant and messaging strategist.

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Farming Magazine - The Organic Option - December, 2011

SUGARINGSpotlight on a New England producer

It's cold outside, but the sugarhouse is steamy and sweet smelling. Proprietors Bill and Norma Coli and their son Jubal are boiling sap, which requires con...

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Farming Magazine - Nutrient Dense Crop Production - February, 2010

FEATURESPart 1: Grassroots agricultural theory

As the name implies, nutrient dense crop (NDC) production is a system of principles and techniques for maximizing nutrition in crops by creating and ma...

Farming Magazine - Nutrient Dense Crop Production - March, 2010

FEATURESPart 2: Practical application for growers of all sizes

For practitioners of nutrient dense crop (NDC) production, the results are in both the process and the produce. Aside from lower weed, ...

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Farming Magazine - Blueberry Bones? - February, 2010

GROWINGAn interesting value-added option

Dan VanWart harvesting the wild
blueberries by hand at Peaked
Mountain Farm.
Fourth generation wild blueberry grower Gail VanWart never planned on taking ...