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Rebekah Fraser is an award-winning new media producer and entrepreneur. She also works as a writer, educator, journalist, book editor, scriptwriter, communications consultant and messaging strategist.

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Blueprints Quarterly Journal

Road Rules - Blueprints Quarterly Journal, July, 2011

In 2008, accidents and injury/fatalities involving trucking dropped by twelve percent. In 2009, the figure dropped again, by a dramatic twenty percent, while mileage increased. On the heels of these successes, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) implemented the broadest safety program to date: CSA 2010. Originally dubbed Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010, the program was renamed, after pushback from industry leaders. Since it’s implementation in December 2010, Compliance, Safety, Accountability 2010 has ignited a firestorm of fear and misunderstanding among shippers, carriers, brokers, drivers and those who rely on motor carriers to run their businesses.

Blueprints Quarterly Journal

The Science of Food Safety - Blueprints Quarterly Journal, October, 2011

Spinach... Tomatoes... Eggs... Peppers… Beef... E.Coli... Salmonella... Listeria... In the last decade, cases of food-borne illness crossed the nation, inciting fear and confusion among consumers, and wreaking havoc on the produce industry. Despite partisan division on most matters, congress united to approve sweeping changes in the food industry: the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed earlier this year.